Aaron: October Weeks 2015

Week #43

CodecadamyOn Monday we did coding on a website called Codecadamy I didn’t like it because you are jumping ahead  a lot and you are learning a lot of things in one day which is too much

GolfOn Sunday my brother lost against concord for the first time in two years because he did not see the water hazard and then hit his ball into there. My brother should have walk the 17th and 18Th to get a better perspective.

OtherOn Wednesday we did a reverse garbage art lesson about turning garbage into art. We made sea creatures with a lot weird garbage.

Week #42

SpeechOn Tuesday I did a speech about golf in front of stage 2 but 1 person was picked out of  8 people including me. Sadly I did not make it.

GolfThis video helped me improved my golf in putting. My brother got a eagle on the second hole and Bexley won against anthill park. I played good on Saturday with 35 points.

Week #41

StudyI did a speech about golf and I did a impromptu speech about trees. I did really well on my impromptu speech but I did okay on my speech about golf. MY teacher picked me and other 3 kids to speak in front of kindergarten then she will pick 2 out of those four people including to me.

Golf – I saw my brother did really well in golf and still has a winning continuously. I learned that my brother is very good at golf I also learned about the rules of match play. I also learned a new golf course.

Others – I saw I funny youtuber called How To Basic who did funny and weird videos. This is the most funniest video call “how to cure Ebola”

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