Arki: October Weeks 2015

Week #43 – The 17th Hole that cause me a lost of matchplay


  • On Sunday I lost my first game against a strong team named Concord. On the 17th I didn’t know that on the left there was water so i lost the hole and lost the match. For the practice round, We did play few holes but we didn’t play the 17th and 18th because of it was going to rain. I should walk around the course.
  • My driver was good but my three woods always goes flat. I need to practice more.
  • On Friday I play 9 holes at BDGC with Ben and Jayden. This the first time playing a 9-hole competition.


On Monday I learn’t coding on a different website called Code Academy. It was easy.

Week #42 – First Eagle in Par 4 !!!


In the golf I got a eagle in the 2nd hole and I won against my opponent. I was 8 up on the 12th hole. Our club won against anthill Golf Club.

Daddy told me to rotate my knees

On Saturday I played alright but my brother did better.


On Friday we played sport after recess,

Week #41 – First Game for Encourage Shield 2015


Yesterday we went to Northbridge GC to do a match play game. We are against Lane Cove and some reason all of the players had 36 handicaps – which is bad –  but we successfully win with 4 wins and 2 loses. My score was 9 & 8 ( means 9 UP and there was 8 holes to go. I still have a record of 6 wins in a row (6-0-0). I learnt to be a good sportsmanship

My putter got cut by one inch because Ken ( Jeffery’s dad and Jeffery is a fellow golfer) said it was long.


On Thursday I did my speech. My time was 3 minutes and something. My teacher said that I improved on my speeches a lot.

On Friday I brought my project to school. The project is about make an energy efficient house. I just did a basic house with two light only, a switch and a battery. The kit is from Jay car. I have to make it in 4 days because we forgot to do it in the holidays.


On Youtube I watched a video

called how to basic and there was more videos. How to basic is weird and funny.

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