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10 Mental Toughness Traits of Tiger – It’s OK to Get Angry. Don’t Get Negative!

Tiger Woods – one of the world’s best golfers on this planet. His technique abilities allow him to play well on the course, but his mind allows him to win tournaments.

Here are some tips for you to overcome a shot with a positive output. 

  1. Likes delayed gratification. Wait for success.
  2. Focus is on fundamentals. It eliminates B.S.
  3. He’s self-aware. His own his goals.
  4. Responsible only to himself. No one else to blame.
  5. Consistent approach. Master of routines.
  6. Accepts the situation. Then takes action.
  7. Dedicated to improvement. Will figure it out.
  8. Embraces setbacks. Forgets quickly.
  9. Embraces uncertainty. Create his luck.
  10. Is an optimist. Believes he will succeed.


Maybe letting out your emotions isn’t so bad after all (but not in a full extent). A golfer can be angry and frustrated BUT not negative. He or she can focus back on to the process of the shot rather than the result.

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