Aaron: November Weeks 2015

Week #48

Science – Me and my brother started to do code school to learn rails which is a type of coding. We go on the same account together and work together pass levels. We take turns on typing but the person that’s not typing watches the person writing to learn something because they would not learn any thing from doing nothing.


I fell apart on the back 9I should of kept on trying my best
I mostly forgot to do the routine when in the bunkerI should do the routine
When I was in the bunker I did 4 shots and got wipeI should practise more in the bunker  
I did a lot of slicesI should have done a draw swing
I got 12 out 102 of routine
I got 20 points on the first 9 holes

Week #47

Inflatable world – I went to Oliver’s party at inflatable world and it was a lot of fun


Problems:How to fix it:Achievements:
I did not do the routine when looking from backI should take time and do the routine properly
I keep on locking my kneeI should not lock my knee to hit easier
I talked back at dadI should not talk back because it is rude
I keep on doing a slice swing the ballI should do a draw swing instead
I got a lot of three puttsI should focus on getting 2 or 1 putts
I would look up early before my swing making the club hit the headI should keep my head down until my hands and arm is past my ball
1 point extra than my target

Week #45

GolfOn Sunday I played my first match-play against Northbridge and we played on Concord golf course. I lost because of one putt. I need to learn the bunker shot better, I also need to do the routine on my putting when I need to go opposite of my ball. On Saturday I did a lot of duffs but I got I oaky score of 107.I need to do look from behind the ball and choose a target.

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