Arki: June Weeks – 2016

Week #X


Last week on Sunday and Monday we played at Campbelltown golf club for a Jack Newton Junior Golf Competition. I play a shocking 97 on the first day and  100 at the next. This was my first time using these new clubs.

  • My second shot is not working properly and going everywhere

I need to focus to find a cure to solve this.

  • Bunkers are not good.

I need to work on it and get it out and leave it close

Dennise lesson 9/6/16

oday I had a lesson with Dennise. The techniques I need to work on is :

  • The left thumb have to be on the right side of the grip the club
  • Watch out for chicken wing
  • Knees need to move less on the forward swing
  • My head need to stop moving
  • Don’t travel inside
  •  Don’t hinge early
  • Right hand don’t overlap

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