Aaron: January Weeks 2016

Golf courses that I’ve been played

Week #02

Here’s is my summary game last Saturday – 41 points (based on my handicap)

  • Eagle holes: 1
  • Birdie holes: 7
  • Par holes: 6 (3 scrambles)
  • Bogey holes: 4
  • Double-bogie holes: 0

Shots that caused more strokes:

  • Driver: 4 (left)
  • Wood: 1 (short)
  • Long Hybrids: 0
  • Mid Hybrids: 1 (short)
  • Short Iron: 0
  • Pitch: 1 (short)
  • Bunker: 0
  • Chip: 0
  • Putt: 1 (4 feet)

Putts #: 42

Week #52 and Week #01



  • Antill Park (Junior Comp, Dec 2016) 2014)
  • Bexley GC (Club comp, Jan 2016)
  • Botany GC (social game, 2014)
  • Concord GC (Encourage Shield, Nov 2015)
  • Northbridge GC (Social game, Oct 2016)
  • St Michael GC (Social game, 2015)

Trip to Melbourne

We went to Melbourne in the summer holidays for five days, it took 10 hours to get to Melbourne and we stayed at the hotel called Quest for 5 days.  On the first day we ate Thai food and then registered for the hotel then we went to Crown for dinner. On the second day, I had udon for breakfast and that day was a shopping day and we went shopping. On the third day, we went to the Market and then we went to the beach to look at the beach huts. On the forth day, we went to to Kakoda walk and walk up a mountain and down again and we had ice cream after at a cafe called cafe of 1000 steps. On the last day we went back home.

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